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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a driver?
Only properly insured drivers who have undergone a thorough background check (including checking for prior complaints), and who have a well-maintained car can become Open Courier partners. However, this is a great business opportunity for an entrepreneur or someone looking to make extra cash! We can recommend you to a training program that will teach you how to easily start your own delivery business and obtain proper business insurance to become a driver for us.

I’m a local company who has existing drivers, can I sign them all up to use your service?
Yes, we offer a full service admin dashboard where you can track, approve and monitor all of your delivery drivers!

Do I need a bank account to join?
You will need a bank account to accept payments.

I don’t have a smart phone, can you give me one?
Although we can’t provide you with a smartphone, we do work with selected phone manufacturers to assure the best deals for our partners.

I’m a local company who needs to send deliveries to customers (grocery store, restaurant, retail store, flowers, etc.) can I use your drivers?
Yes, we offer a full service admin dashboard where you can schedule, track, and manage deliveries to all your customers!

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