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  • Open Courier Launches a Revolutionary App for Booking Delivery Services

    September 8, 2015
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    Free iPhone, Android and Web App Lets Users Book Deliveries with a Single Tap

    Cincinnati, OH, September 8, 2015 – Open Courier announces the launch of a revolutionary new app that makes it possible for people in Greater Cincinnati to book a delivery with a single tap. Although consumers have gotten used to being able to get anything they need through a mobile app, the delivery space has lagged behind the times. Open Courier is revolutionizing this $97 billion market with its new app.

    The new Open Courier app makes it possible for anyone in Greater Cincinnati to use their  iPhone, Android device or computer to quickly book a delivery. Not only is the app very easy to use, but it offers affordable pricing with all cost information shared upfront. Additionally, users of Open Courier can store their credit card information, which makes payments and receipts a breeze.

    Another very exciting feature of Open Courier’s new app is it makes it possible to track a delivery driver’s route in real-time. Thanks to this functionality, users can known exactly when a driver is going to arrive instead of being left to guess. And because different deliveries are best suited to specific types of drivers, the app also makes it easy to look at the ratings drivers have received and choose the best one accordingly.

    While Open Courier’s app is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to book deliveries, the app offers a great opportunity for businesses as well. By utilizing the full-service admin dashboard that is available through the Open Courier platform, businesses ranging from grocery stores to flower shops can schedule, track and manage all of their customer deliveries.

    After the app’s initial launch in Greater Cincinnati, Open Courier has aggressive expansion plans that include several other key midwest cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis and Kansas City.




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